My name is Matthew Warfield and I'm a photographer based in New York City, New York.

Ever since I was little, I have had the desire to create. However, It wasn't until my parents gave me my first SLR camera (Canon Rebel 2000) that I really became engulfed in the storytelling power of a photograph. The adventures that are embarked on, the risks that are taken, and the many moments spent wondering "how can I possibly capture the scene that my eyes are so lucky to see so that I can share this story with others?". 

As I've gotten older, technology has evolved just as much as the social world in which we desire to share it has. So much so, that I would hardly call photography a hobby because it is part of a much bigger story that makes me who I am today.

My photographs have been used by HollywoodLife, Huffington Post, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Tourism, and aboard the International Space Station.

I truly hope you enjoy the images I share as much as I enjoy creating them.